Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hedebo Edging

 Hedebo stitching was new to me and I'm so glad I took a class on it offered by a member of our local stitchery guild.  I made my small piece into a needle case and finally finished it. 

 An inside look. I just put in one piece of felt for the pages.
Caught this nice fat red squirrel dubbed Mr. Chub Chub at our bird feeder. Squirrels are quite recent in our area as we never had them around at all.  Looks like Mr. Chub Chub has adapted to our cold clime very nicely :)


  1. Beautiful edging..very sweet and very different..
    Aww the squirrel is so cute
    Love for you x

  2. So pretty Jenny! Love your handiwork! Happy New Year! oooh that squirrel is so cute and fluffy!!

  3. I do not know Hedebo edging but it is lovely. This needlecase is very pretty and practical. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  4. Hedebo looks so cool!!! Cute little needle case! You really captured a cute shot of Mr. Chub Chubs! What a doll!!!!!

  5. beautifully done Jenny,you so lucky to have these day schools and classes to attend.
    A cute little squirrel, not many red ones left here in UK the grey ones have taken over. Watched 2 in my daughter`s garden yesterday, sometimes she gets as many as 6 as there are trees all around her, she gets a bit cross as they pinch what she puts out for the birds but their antics are worth the loss of food.She gets a great variety of birds too, I am very envious as all I get is sparrows and starlings these days.

  6. Great edging! Always learning about new stuff on your blog, I love it :) An other skill to your repertoire, well done!
    So nice to see red squirrels, in UK they are sadly very rare. In our local town park we often see the grey ones, which have kind of taking over :)

  7. this is so pretty! I haven't heard of this technique before.

  8. What a talented needle artist you are... love your blog, birds, cat, wildlife.. and most of all I applaud your courage to get through the hard times.
    My mother was a survivor too. BJ

  9. The hedebo edge looks great. You can be proud of your work.


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