Monday, January 14, 2013

Too many swaps

 This year I had decided that I wasn't going to participate in many artist trade card swaps. Then what did I go ahead and do but joined not just one but two trades.  This landscape atc is for The Great Canadian atc swap.  We're supposed to send in 3 with a theme about something related to our province.  
 This atc is for the stitchin fingers atc swap with the theme "Love is...."  This is titled  "Love is .... fireworks" and is heading to the UK today.  I used mainly pistil and straight stitches with a few french knots.
 This one is for the Embroiderer's Association of Canada atc swap in March. It was good practice to use 6 different stitches.
 Wanting to try my hand at a dragonfly, I stitched this atc for my daughter.  That should be it for a bit now as I need to work on some other projects!!
 What a delight it was yesterday when I looked out the window to see 8 fabulous Red Crossbills at our bird feeder.  They are a bit larger than a sparrow and so wonderfully colourful, especially the males.  I had never seen these birds before and hope they come back again.
Here is another Red Crossbill on a lilac bush with a rather blurry Common Redpoll.


  1. Great ATC's! Love the crossbill pics: we don't see these birds here, either.

  2. It is sew easy to over-participate when we love what we do and get to share with others. Your ATCs are fabulous...especially the heart with fireworks! I thought I would pace myself too this year and OOPS I was bad before the first week of January. Tweet little birds. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts Dear...

  3. Your ATC's are so interesting and fun!!!!! I hope you don't ever really stop making them!!! Your birds are very sweet too! I just adore all of nature!

  4. 3 lovely swaps but I like the one for your daughter best, a great dragonfly and the is it hand made paper backing works so well.
    Your garden is like a nature reserve, we never know what you are going to show us next.

  5. Your cards are all lovely! Can't choose, they are all winners to me, Mii x

  6. Wow ! Just lovely !
    Have a nice day watching birds and making beautiful creations !

  7. how lovely are these cards. I specially love the first and the third ones

  8. Jenny, lovely cards!!
    maybe we should make our own swap with you? :) what do you say? :)
    we have year 2013 before us :) I'd be happy to receive something from you! :)

  9. On my I love your Trading cards :-) Totally lovely!! xx

  10. Your ATCs are just amazing! The recipients will be very fortunate to receive them.


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