Saturday, August 25, 2012

TAST Week 34

 So this weeks challenge stitch was the Linked Double Chain. I kind of groaned when I saw it and read the instructions as at first glance it looked rather complicated and uninteresting.  But after deciding to just try it on a simple flower, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Now I have to say I quite like it and can see myself using it again sometime.
On our last drive out in the fields and hills we spotted this gorgeous Red-tailed Hawk.  He kindly waited just long enough for us to snap some pictures and marvel at his beauty before he flew away. We usually see at least one or two hawks everyday soaring high in the sky.  It was wonderful seeing this one so close up for a change.


  1. the sampler of this week's stitch you have done is just lovely! it does look beautiful as it curves - very pretty -
    we have red tailed hawks here in Southern CA too - they come down quite near as they wait for small critters - and the ravens try to antagonize them -the hawks just ignore them :)

  2. Another great interpretation, Jenny. Very pretty. The tail on that bird looks like a linked double chain, LOL!

  3. Now, I have to say how sweetly this turned out. I am like you with this stitch...not so sure! You did amazing things with it! Love the colors too! Nice hawk photo!

  4. yes gr8 interpretation!love this design!well done jenny..

  5. lovely delicate flower. wonderful close up of the hawk

  6. Very nice stitch, you did lovely!
    I love when I experience close encounters with nature! Last spring, on my way to take dd to school, we saw a Great Horn owl perching on the fence of a nearby empty land. He stood there for a good while, we stared at each other and then he took off. Dd was sooo excited... I was too!


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