Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TAST Roll-Up

 So I unrolled my band sampler onto the table to have a look at my progress and to take a picture when number two daughter wandered in to see what I was up to.  She obviously wanted to be in my pics so here she is with my band sampler pieces.  When my girls were younger they both liked to do a bit of stitching but neither of them do now as there interests lie elsewhere.  Maybe they will again one day but at this point it's rather doubtful.
 This is my latest piece with the last 10 TAST stitches and Julie's hand walking along it.  She certainly was being goofy and needing some attention I think :)  I'll hem and back it and add it to the rest eventually.
It certainly is very handy to be able to roll all the stitches up and have them all together in one small, easy to carry sampler.  I haven't tried the Linked Double Chain stitch yet for this weeks TAST challenge. Hope to on the weekend though.  It looks rather tricky to do.


  1. It's fun to see your band sampler, Jenny! Looking forward to seeing the pieces attached and longer. The time has come for me to add a piece to the sampler I've been working on. Not a band sampler and I'm running out of space!

  2. It's fun to see how big your bandsampler is now. Don't worry about the linked double chain, it's very easy!

    1. lovely! :D what a joy to see (and your daughter as well)

  3. Impressive sampler!! And don't worry the last stitch is very easy and fun to stitch!!

  4. Your sampler is looking Great!!! Specially since you have worked each stitch in so many creative ways.
    LOL at your dd trying to steal the shots! Mine likes to do that at times.... you got to love them! ;-)

  5. This is fabulous!!! Don't tell Sharon, but I like it better than hers!!!

    And your daughter is pretty fabulous too. Funny, I thought it was you...


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