Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pink cast-ons

Week 32 of TAST was the cast on stitch and I believe that this means we have 20 more stitches to go. I found Mary Corbet's video on how to do this stitch very helpful indeed.  I decided to stitch 6 pink flowers to commemorate the milestone of now being cancer free for 6 years :)
 Another good summer for tomatoes and I can't wait until we have some home-made ketchup again.
 We've pulled up a few carrots but they have a ways to go yet.
 An abundance of hollyhocks this year and the leaves this year haven't turned brown which is a nice change.
 My favourite hollyhocks are these deeper red wine coloured ones.
As you can see we have very sandy soil even though we have added yards of rich top-soil to it, dried old horse manure, peat moss and compost.  The sand just sucks it all up and one can't even tell we've added anything!  It'll be another excellent garden year though and hopefully we'll have a nice long fall.


  1. Congrats on the 6-year anniversary!!
    Your cast on flowers look very pretty in the pink.
    That's a lot of tomatoes!

  2. A perfect way to celebrate your anniversary! Nice job and I love the hollyhocks, my favorite flower.

  3. Congratulations on 6 years of being cancer free. Your pink flowers are the sweetest tribute. Lovely garden and so delicious to eat fresh grown food. (My sister has a wonderful garden...I don't). Blissful Week Dear...

    pls collect an aweard from my blog .Congrats dear god bless u
    cast on flowers looks beautiful

  5. Wonderful news long may it continue. Garden is looking great slugs ate most of mine. The only good thing about slugs..... I can watch the Thrush which visits my garden, she loves eating them.

  6. Hi, Jenny. I see you're still following the TAST and doing lovely stitching. Congratulations for the 6-yr. mark. And I love your hollyhocks. I'm trying to grow some but I planted them too late. Remains to be seen if they'll stay. Yours have luscious colors.
    best, nadia

  7. What a lovely way to commemorate this great milestone. :)

    Your garden looks amazing! I'm envious of your carrots. I pulled some of mine up yesterday and they were all deformed and inedible. Some sort of disease, perhaps?

  8. 6 years cancer is such a blessing! Wonderful news! I absolutely think you nailed it completely for this weeks TAST!!! Absolutely gorgeous pink flowers! I saw this flower while in Lakeland over the weekend and it looked very much like your Hollyhock. They have a hibiscus look to them, and are very large flowers....I will show them soon on my blog...maybe you can tell me then if you think this is what they are....stunning flowers anyway!!!
    xoxo- Julie


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