Thursday, August 16, 2012

While On The Phone Pattern

 I was recently on the phone chatting with one of my uncles when I had the strong desire to keep my hands occupied doing something.  I hadn't started any crochet project and didn't really want to stitch so I just picked up this ball of crochet cotton and a hook and began to crochet trying to make up some kind of pattern. I didn't get all this done on that call but picked it up again a few days later when on the phone again.  The stitches aren't all quite the same & it's not exactly even but I gave it to my daughter who immediately put it on her desk under a small vase of flowers :)
 It was a beautifully calm summer evening the other day and my 20 year old daughter asked me to join her outside to blow some bubbles.  It was fun and soon the lawn was covered with all these delightful bubbles. I had to grab my camera to remember this moment of fun. 
I was absolutely delighted yesterday morning when I walked into the living room and my hibiscus was blooming!!  I had never tried growing one before and bought it on sale this spring for $2.00.  The bloom only lasted the one day but there's another fat bud coming along.  Seeing this gorgeous flower before rushing out to work at 6:30 really made my day :)  I love the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson "the earth laughs in flowers" :)  :) I hope that today a flower has brightened up your day :)


  1. Hi Jenny !
    Your blog is full of different and beautiful things.
    Love your mini-doily ! And the flowers...
    Thanks for following my blog and your comment.
    Have a nice evening.
    ps I see that we have many similar intersts in books and music...and crochet !

  2. Your blue and white doily are lovely. Amazing what can be accomplished while chatting on the phone. How very special that you and your daughter blow bubbles together. I love bubbles and blow them now and the pond...from the deck...wherever I want. They look like beautiful little flowers in the grass. Your $2 plant will bring lots of joy to you. Summer Sunshine Smiles...

  3. How awesome that you can just crochet something out of nothing while multitasking!!!!! It turned out so pretty! The shot of all the bubbles was so neat...i know blowing bubbles with your daughter was extra special fun.....
    The hibiscus is a really awesome flower.....i go out and pick them off my bushes outside and bring them in to sit around (no water needed)....they stay open until sunset....then fade away. That is the only thing i hate....they never last. :(
    Have a good Friday and weekend!

  4. Love the crochet mat ideal for a flower vase. It's a shame that the flower only last for a day. I love to blow bubbles with my two grandchildren, the dog likes to chase the bubbles so they never stay on the garden for long. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog much appreciated. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  5. wowww awesome doily with multishades of blue!

  6. Wow, you can crochet something out of the blue!I need a pattern to crochet.Beautiful piece.


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