Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Algerian Eye + Gorgeous Caterpillar

 I'm just a wee bit behind but here is last weeks TAST challenge stitch:  the Algerian Eye Stitch.  I found this a very nice stitch to learn and use and can see that it is packed full of potential for future creative stitching projects.  I have another atc to make soon and I should incorporate this stitch into it somehow.
 My mom was picking sand cherries to make into syrup and juice when she called me to come with my camera to take a picture of this gorgeous caterpillar that she found. We looked it up later in a couple of insects books we have plus we looked it up on-line as well and it is a hawk moth or sphinx moth caterpillar.
 He was huge and absolutely beautiful and velvety soft. I had seen one before in our yard but it had been a couple of years.
 He was so striking looking with the purplish bands and horn on the posterior end.
He's certainly welcome to a few sand cherry leaves and I hope he doesn't become a tasty treat for a hungry bird.


  1. I've always admired the Algerian Eye stitch, although I've never actually tried it! I admire you and your mom being in awe of nature. I probably would have shrieked and run into the house to hide... certainly not to find a camera! Maybe I need to take a more relaxed approach to nature and its beauty! ;-)

  2. That caterpillar is so striking! Nice stitching the AE!

  3. Great job with the algerian eye stitch! I sure love the caterpillar your Mom found! He's a bute!

  4. Hi jenny pls collect a award from my space

  5. I love your Algerian eye stitch sampler! Your phtos are gorgeous, Jenny!

  6. Algerian Eye is a lovely stitch and your sampler is beautiful. I especially love the colours.


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