Sunday, June 17, 2012

Travelling Stitching

 Managed to get a little faster with my tatting attempts and have loosened up my tension so that has helped.  Need a lot more practice though and can't wait until I can actually accomplish something besides practice pieces that I've ended because of bad knots.
 When I got frustrated with all my tatting knots I did some crocheting while driving through Washington and Idaho.  Not sure what I'll do with these but I liked the colours and they were easy to crochet in the car.
I also brought along a couple balls of wool just in case and crocheted this potholder on our homeward stretch.


  1. Lovely Jenny!! I like how crochet you can do anywhere!! Never tatted before but your pieces look great!!

  2. Your tatting is coming right along and I can totally see your progress. Good work. Crocheting is always calming to me. Your pieces are gorgeous. Happy Creating...

  3. Your newest attempts at tatting are looking great! I am the same way when I travel, I have to have something in my hands to work on. Crochet is the perfect needlework fot the car. Only one needle to keep up with and if you do loose it no one will sit on it and get stuck!

  4. you seem to have got the hang of tatting now Jenny, look forward to seeing your creations. Crochet also looking great, I struggle with it as find following any instructions difficult and the american stitches are different from english eg tour double is our treble.Did manage to do the butterfly Elaine put on SF but could not do the angel, I think I am angelic enough!!

  5. Way to go on the tatting! Your crocheting looks great....I still haven't learned that....yet.... I like to do needlework when I'm a passenger, too.

  6. I've enjoyed tatting in the past. It's certainly interesting to do and the look of it is rather unique. I only made it to making borders. It does take a lot of time! Hope you'll get farther than me!
    best, nadia


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