Monday, June 11, 2012

Tangly Tatting

 This is what I have to show for 6 hours of sitting in the car on our drive from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan to Calgary, Alberta.  I can't stitch while in the car and I really want to learn how to tat so I thought this would be a perfect time to practice.  I had to undo my double stitches and picots so many times it was pathetic and then I really got into a bad knot while trying to join up a picot that I just couldn't take apart so I eventually cut it and am starting all over again from scratch :(
We went to visit my Pa and Sally who live outside of Sundre, Alberta and I snapped this picture of them standing in the pouring rain as we were leaving in the car.  We had a great visit even though it poured most of the time.  They've gotten 4 1/2 inches of rain in the last 7 days.


  1. Your tatting is far better than mine after six hours of trying. I find tatting quite frustrating yet I am determined to learn. Why didn't I pay attention to my grandma and her lady friends who tatted?!! I can't even learn from a book or a DVD. Enjoy your visiting and make lots of memories...

  2. seems to me your first tatting was very good, I would love to have a go but tried once and made a right hash of it, I did route out my shuttle the other day but that is as far as I got!!
    That is a lot of rain, here in England we would have been one enormous lake with that much, do not know why but we do not seem to cope with heavy rain and these days we are getting far more of it. Fortunately I live high up but there has been flooding in Wales this last week.
    Good to visit your Pa, how I miss mine and it has been 28 years but how I would love to see him.

  3. I think your Tangly Tatting looks Terrific! I still get tangles, and I've been tatting for 20 years. Sometimes it just works out that way. I can tat in the car, but the results are never quite as good as when I sit in my favorite chair. ; )

    We could use a little rain here. The grass is turning brown, and the corn is looking really thirsty.

  4. I never got this far with a tatting shuttle, great work! For me it's only needle tatting.

  5. I think you did very well for only 6 hours of work. Learning a new skill is always difficult.


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