Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Completed Fabric Bowl #2

 Whew - I did it!  Finished my fabric bowl in time to wrap up, pack and take with us as I'm leaving today on a holiday and am giving this away as a gift. It didn't take as long as I thought to mitre the corners, hand stitch a cloth backing on, pinch and sew the sides to form the bowl.  I already want to make another one to give away as a gift. 
 Here are the two fabric bowls I've made so far.  The square canvas piece can also be sewn to form a scissor case & I'd like to try that too sometime.
 Here's a picture of my Mom plopping tomato plants into the holes she made with a hoe. We start all of our tomato plants ourselves and it was high time they were put out.
It's a good thing my Mom likes her coffee as she saves all the coffee tins to put around the tomato plants when we first set them out.  As the prairie winds can be fairly fierce at times the cans offer them protection until they get a bit bigger and then we stake them all. Broccoli plants are under the cages in case you're wondering which protect the plants from cabbage butterflies.


  1. Such a pretty bowl! Have a nice holiday.

  2. The bowls are very pretty, I have not seen any like this before. Wow all the plants your mom put out!

  3. Jenny, you create a beautiful things!
    happy holidays for you!

  4. love your bowl Jenny, the method of pinching I have used to make brooches and very small pots,I will now venture into bigger things.
    Your Mum seems to be enjoying planting the tomato plants, as you are away I expect she will be busy watering or maybe you have a sprinkling system

  5. Your bowl is so interesting. I've never seen canvas work used that way! I used to do a lot of canvas work, many years ago. I go through phases. I'm back to knitting now. But, quilting and embroidery stay with me all the time. Have a good trip!

  6. WOW! That will make a lovely gift! Sure hope they appreciate the work that's in it!! Have a great vacation!

  7. Thank you ladies for all of your lovely comments. I'm taking a tatting shuttle and a learn to tat book along in the car to keep my hands busy and hopefully figure out how to tat!! I'm also taking some crocheting along just in case I don't do very well :)

  8. Hi, Jenny. Your canvas work is very lovely and it's so neat in a basket. Great gift idea!
    best, nadia

  9. Your bowls are lovely. I almost missed this post. Life is busy and the days are quickly passing. Sew many stitches in these lovely canvas bowls. Blissful...


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