Friday, June 22, 2012

Buttonhole Wheel Poppies

 A little late with the TAST challenge as the Buttonhole Wheel Stitch was last weeks challenge.  I love poppies (hence the name of this blog) and it dawned on me that so far on my band sampler I haven't stitched any!  So yesterday evening after working in the yard and getting eating by mosquitoes I stitched up these buttonhole poppies. Now onto this weeks challenge stitch:  the cable chain stitch.
When I saw that one of my Oriental Poppies was blooming I had to take a picture!  There are lots of big fat buds on so I'll be taking more :)


  1. Pretty Poppies! I like the real one too. I have white Oriental Poppies in my garden.

    1. Thanks Annet! White Orientals - oh I bet they look gorgeous!

  2. I have the worst time growing well meaning DH sprays them with weed killer thinking they are weeds. Just when I have him trained not to spray them....a young man helping with the yard took the weed eater to them. What's girl gotta do to have poppies. I guess stitch some like you have here. Have a good weekend.

  3. Your buttonhole wheel poppies are beautiful!
    I too like poppies... red ones and blue ones. The Mexican Tulip Poppy is beautiful too. Oh well, I guess they all are ;-)!

  4. I always think poppies look so papery thin and fragile, but the ones that grew at my old house were quite strong. They are pretty. Stitching some means they're there to enjoy all year round!

  5. great poppies both your stitched ones and the real thing. I have lots of small yellow poppies that pop up all over the garden, did not plant any, hoping one day they will turn red and be the real thing as whenever I try to grow them I am unsuccessful, really should be content with my little yellow ones.

  6. What an easy and simple way to show poppies through stitches. Love your idea. I have been out of action for a while. Just now returned to the blogosphere and checking all your previous posts.


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