Sunday, June 24, 2012

TAST Cable Chain Waves

 My TAST band sampler is now over 6 feet so instead of adding a new section on to it right away I thought for ease of handling and stitching I'd begin a new piece of material and add it on later.  I was busy this weekend taking an excellent embroidery class from Tanja Berlin so for this weeks cable chain stitch I just did a few waves.  I loved the look of this neat stitch and once I got into the rhythm of how to work the knot and chain I really enjoyed it.
Just a closer view of the last 2 TAST challenges.  I have to post the long/short embroidery pansy design that I began this weekend.  Wish I didn't have to work tomorrow so I could work on it!!!  In the evening though if all goes well I'll work on it some more :)


  1. your waves work perfectly Jenny.
    Now waiting to see what you did on your weekend class.

  2. At first, I thought it was the rolling blue sky above your poppies. Looks great! Nice cable chain.


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