Friday, October 21, 2016

Fall Felt Owl

 Playing with fibre and using resists (laminate floor underlay works great) I made this small fall owl wallhanging and added stitching and wooden beads from a bracelet.
 A couple of felt pieces made using resists on day 1 of a felt class I took with Maria Friese in Penticton in September.
 Day 2 & 3 of the class we worked on making a geometric vessel.  This is moi with Maria Friese as I get ready to cut the resist out that is inside.
 My finished vessel that looks like an asteroid or sea anenome or something.  It's not beautiful but a good learning piece.
 Our class with vessels taught by Maria Friese.  If you have time check out her work!
I'm still working on my Take A Stitch Tuesday Owl!  The last few stitches I added were the Feathered Chain stitch ( around the face ), the Slipped Detached Chain stitch aka Tulip stitch and I'm currently working on some Woven Detached Chain Stitches.

Have a most wonderful & delightful day & thank you for dropping by :D


  1. Love the felt work..specially the owl

  2. your vessel looks great and the owl a delight, good to see you are still doing the tast I will start mine one day! save the links so no excuse.Trust all is well

  3. Gorgeous felt owl and I love the vessel. Your TAST owl ia just amazing. Great work all round. xx

  4. Your newest felted Owl is quite dapper. I L.O.V.E. Your felted Vessell. It is gorgeous and interesting. Beautiful to be learning new things. Autumn Blessings...

  5. Your Fall owl would bring joy to anyone and is delightful. Your TAST owl is a work of ongoing art.
    Love the vessel, colours and shape. The class would have been fun to be in.

  6. You are the Owl Lady! The felted one is really precious and the TAST sampler is a great way of playing with Sharon's stitches.
    The felted vessel is GREAT, how can you think otherwise?

  7. Love the felt owl!!! So sweet!
    no idea what a vessel is supposed to look like (all new to me!) but yours look fantastic, perfect colour.

  8. Your class looks like fun! The felt owl is fantastic. And, I just love seeing your TAST owl progress.

  9. Great pictures of the felt class, looks like you all had such fun, making your vessels!
    Your TAST stitch owl is so pretty! I love all your stitches, and the colours you've chosen set them off really well!


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  11. Hi JennyPenny, you haven't posted in a while. Just wondering if you are okay? Hope you're just busy...

  12. I love this little owl, especially the buttons at the bottome, just finishes it off.


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