Monday, May 16, 2016

Felting & the Eastern Stitch

I tried my hand at making a wet felted vessel using a resist.  It was too thin in spots so I needle felted an owl and added stitches to it as well. So that it would sit well I cut the bottom off of a plastic bottle and put it inside.  Looks MUCH better now than it did at first.
Here I laid out some roving and did a bit of needle felting as well.  Next step is to wet felt it and hope everything stays in place. 
This is the card I made for my mum for Mother's Day.  The free pattern is available from Happiness is Cross Stitching.
Cloud Filling Stitch was the Take A Stitch Tuesday (TAST) Week 38 stitch on Sharon's Pintangle site. The idea on what pattern to make with this stitch came from Annet's Fat-Quarter blog. I was very pleased on how nice this stitch looked and it wasn't too complicated either.
My TAST Owl slowly but surely filling in.
Another new stitch for me was this Eastern Stitch - the week 41 TAST stitch.  I'm going to do a few more and then I'll begin this week's TAST stitch which is the Fern Stitch.
Yesterday this beautiful Yellow-rumped Warbler flew down right by the window.  Thankfully it stayed still long enough for me to get this photo :D

Thank you for stopping by and wishing everyone a creative rest of the month.


  1. Love all your owls! Each one is so unique and fun. Lucky you to see such a pretty little bird - and even luckier to get such a great photo.

  2. your latest owl is a real beauty Jenny you have the felting gift.. Lots to see on your blog you have been busy, especially liking your tast progress. What a pretty bird and how lucky it stayed till you got the photo

  3. Margaret already said it: there is so much to see on your blog. Great progress, beautiful TAST stitches added to the owl, and the other owls are so handsome. So is the warbler!

  4. All your creations are lovely !!!!
    Have a nice day !

  5. I love the first felted owl and the cross stitch work is beautiful.

  6. Well, it seems to me that your first piece was meant to be an owl from the start. What a character! And I really like all the blue background that is building up behind your TAST owl. That's going to be a wonderful piece. Happy stitching!

  7. I do love your owls - all of them. I agree with Monica - that was always going to be an owl, I'm intrigued by the cloud stitch - don't know that at all. Must try. It looks lovely Behring your owl. Well dome you!

  8. The felted owl is gorgeous, such lovely colours. Your card is very pretty, your mum must be very proud of your work!

  9. What a wonderful post. The felted owl is terrific and all the stitches so well executed.
    The TAST owl is coming along and will be beautiful when finished.
    Good photo of the warbler. It's not always easy to capture them up slose.

  10. What a beautiful little bird - your owls of course are always beautiful. xx


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