Friday, June 5, 2015

Beryl Taylor Inspired

 The stitchery guild program challenge this month was to make a  9" x 9" Beryl Taylor inspired piece.  We were each given a piece of Tyvek and our choice of fabric.  Wanting to work with a different colour for a change I chose this purple cotton and painted my Tyvek with teal metallic acrylic paint.  To help prevent pulling of the threads when they melt I sandwiched stabilizer, batting, fabric and Tyvek. 
 Finished grid with lopsided swirls.
 Now for the really fun part with the heat gun!
 After I melted some of the Tyvek away I added a couple borders of ribbon and teal fabric.
 Herringbone, seed stitching, a border of beads, cross stitches and more beads and my piece is almost done.
 I think I'll give it a buttonhole edging and maybe add some beads.  This has been such a fun piece to work on and in a couple of weeks I'll see everyone else's Beryl Taylor inspired blocks.
Have to close with a bird photo.  I scattered some largish bread crumbs on the lawn and in seconds this greedy gus crow was stuffing his beak trying to fit in as many as he could.  A few were left for the watching magpie.

Have a most delightful, creative, joyful June day :)


  1. this look like such a fun project and I love the colors!

  2. Love the colors you worked with and the stitching, melting and beading is quite amazing. Your results are stunning. How fun to experiment. Funny crow wanting to get all the bread. June JOY to you also dear...

  3. what an amazing transformation the heat gun makes, a great piece of work Jenny, you certainly create a lot of very different pieces using so many different techniques

  4. Looking so lovely my dear xx

  5. Wow what fun brilliant colours have a lovely weekend

  6. Pretty piece Jeannette - ages since I used my heat gun but great fun for the unexpected. xx

  7. This is a brilliant technique, the difference it makes to the colours after using the heat gun is amazing.


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