Monday, December 22, 2014

Seed Filler Stitches

 A bit more progress on my whole cloth piece namely chain stitches around the purple flower with french knot centres, open chain stitches for the tendril and then seed stitching.  Seed stitches are certainly a great filler stitch and so easy and relaxing to do.
 Thought I'd try my hand once again at some free motion embroidery and had fun with these squiggles and leaves around this tendril.
 Back to more owl covers for my accordion books.  Learning from my previous mistake I drew out the design lightly with a pencil and then stitched.  Before glueing the cloth to the book cover I made sure I had stitched the beaks this time too.
 Another accordion book cover.
 I wrote out owl sayings on the inside pages. 
 Wish that I had taken calligraphy or had much neater handwriting.
 I'll be making more of these accordion books with owl covers next year too and plan to learn how to bind books using the coptic stitch as well.
 A beautiful flock of Bohemian Waxwings showed up in our cotoneaster hedge for a few minutes.  They busily gobbled up as many berries as they could and then were off.  They have such a beautiful trill.
Have a very joy filled and wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!!


  1. The sayings in your owl book are wonderful!!! Don't you love the stab stitching! But then any hand work is wonderful!!! So relaxing!!! Very nice work...Happy Holidays!

  2. Another wonderful bird photograph. You do take some wonderful photos.
    A Happy Christmas to you.
    Carol x

  3. Happy Christmas wishes to you as well!

  4. a lovely family of owls you have here, silly me I thought you played the accordian! love the sayings you are putting in the books

    Have a lovely Christmas Jenny

  5. A lovely selection of owls, I hope your Christmas is a HOOT!!!

  6. Hoot hoot
    So cute
    Merry Christmas my dear xx

  7. Lovely creations !!!
    Have a Merry Christmas !!!

  8. So "hootin" cute! Some times doing random stitches such as you seed stitch are more difficult to do. We keep wanting to make them uniform and in a row.
    Merry Christmas!

  9. Beautiful Jeannette - lovely stitching, gorgeous owls and amazing waxwings! They can sometimes be seen in the north of the UK but I have never seen one. Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. xx

  10. As always, lovely stitching Jeannette! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  11. What stitch would be obvious on a floral design if not the Seed stitch!?
    I love your beaky owls!
    The owly wise words made me smile.
    Have a great Christmas holiday.

  12. Love your owls and freestyle stitching!
    Merry Christmas and a creative and healthy 2015 for you.
    The crocheted star you sent me a few years ago is hanging in my tree, every year there's a big smile on my face when I see it again!

  13. Fun owls. Great picture of the Waxwing.

  14. I think your owl booklets are beautiful, the sayings and quotes are perfect, I love owls and I wish I had your talent to transform stitches into such beautiful creations, my best wishes to you this holiday season, the photo of the Waxwing is beautiful against that sky,

  15. The seed stitch looks brilliant and the Owls get better and better. I've missed wishing you Merry Christmas - hope it went well. Happy New Year!


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