Friday, June 7, 2013

Goldwork Lion progress

 Haven't done very much since my last post as the yard, garden and great outdoors are calling but I've managed to couch down a few more gold, copper, bronze and silver threads.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow so I'll be couching away.  He's looking more regal all the time :)
 I was overjoyed that my lovely lupins didn't freeze out this winter.  They have in the past and then I didn't have any for years.  They are blooming beautifully right now along with the catmint in the background.
All the tomatoes are planted and we put coffee containers over them for a couple of weeks to protect them from the wind.  Good thing my mom likes coffee!


  1. Your lion is growing strong and powerful. So elegant. I hope the weather will be 'couching friendly'! : ))

  2. very regal and lovely lion! and the lupins are gorgeous - what a beautiful site they must be - really like the coffee can protectors too :)

  3. I like your Mom! We could be good coffee drinking pals!!!!! Your lion is really looking good! I think vouching is the coolest! I love it.

  4. COUCHING, sorry. Darn auto correct!!!

  5. Your lion is looking very handsome Jenny a real King of the jungle.

    My lupins have not reached the flowering stage yet, hoping they will be out for my july CQJP project. Your tomatoes look very colourful with your coffee containers protecting them, you are certainly going to have plenty when they mature.

  6. Great work for the beautiful lion!!
    Thanks for your visit on my blog.
    Happy weekend!!!!

  7. That's a lot of tomato plants!
    Your lion looks fantastic!

  8. Your lion is superb ! The flowers, lovely...
    Have a nice weekend !

  9. Holy smokes! You must grow tomatoes for your whole town!!! Wow, I thought my 9 plants were a lot! Your Lion is looking so handsome! He's really coming along!

  10. Your lion is comming along beautifully, the lupins are lovely flowers and are a favourite of mine. You must love tomatoes, I have never seen as many!


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