Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Golden King of the Forest

 Have to say that I really enjoyed stitching Tanja Berlin's Goldwork Lion. This was my first attempt at goldwork embroidery and I am very pleased with the result. Daughter #2 who has never asked for a piece of anything I've stitched before asked if she could have it so I am doubly happy!
 Close up view of the gold and copper purl purls.
 Close up of all the different couched threads.
 Very messy back view that I have yet to stitch down :)
The Lily of the Valley are all in bloom right now.
 The little Forget-Me-Nots are one of my very favourite flowers and they are all in bloom right now too.
 Was able to snap a picture of a Bohemian Waxwing in the front yard yesterday evening.
 And then this morning a muskrat paid a call to breakfast on a dead perch
and a few willow leaves.


  1. He has come alive ! What beautiful thread work you have done, I love his mane !!!

  2. he really is the most handsome fellow Jenny, I am sure you are delighted your daughter wants it, now she has a first piece from you she will be wanting a mate to go with him!
    Lily of the valley are one of my favourite flowers but they do not grow for me.

  3. Never mind king of the forest! Your lion is now king of the stiches xxx Gorgeous!!

  4. Apologies, I meant to type: STITCHES!! D'oh!

  5. You can be pleased ! Your lion is gorgeous !
    Love your pictures too !
    Have a nice day !

  6. Wow mr.lion is looking so beautiful...sweet photos..
    Love and hugs x

  7. I admire your goldwork! Wonderful photos too! Thank you!

  8. Your goldwork lion is fantastic, are you going to frame it?

  9. I love those little forget-me-not flowers, so sweet. The lion turned out beautiful. I had to chuckle about your daughter requesting it. I too have daughters that will occasionally ask for something I have always make me happy to find they like it.

  10. Hey the comment went through with NO trouble!!!!

  11. Oh wowzers! A lovely lion indeed!!! He is so handsome!!! Love your birdy and muskrat! Cute little buggers!!! LOL.
    Have a great Thursday!

  12. I'm admiring your wonderful lion! I've never done goldwork before, and your project looks fabulous. Love the flowers and wildlife pics

  13. You have done a great job with your goldwork!

  14. The lion is spectacular. Bravo:)

  15. Wow- your lion is AWESOME!!!! Love it!!

  16. A truly majestic lion, no wonder your daughter asked for it, it is so beautifully made.
    Well done!

  17. Oh My Goodness this is a regal lion you have stitched. Superb! Sweet little flowers and critters. Summer is here and lots of busyness. Sunshine Smiles Dear...

    1. I can't decide--the front of the lion is gorgeous, but so is the back! I've never seen a muskrat before. Interesting creatures. I've just been battling off fat country rats this year.
      best, nadia

  18. The lion looks great. Nicely stitched :)

  19. He's gorgeous!Working with purl is not easy, isn't it?I'm glad to say that I've completed my goldwork peacock project.

  20. He is awesome! You've done a great job...S-ing and couching in the same area looks great:)

  21. This lion is amazing!!! Just beautiful!!


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