Sunday, April 7, 2013

From Curtain to Bird

 The Artful Bird by Abby Glassenberg has oodles of bird designs and patterns and I've been wanting to try my hand at making one for quite some time.  Taking an old piece of curtain material I cut out the body, wings, head gusset, tail pieces and sewed them together.  I discovered that doubling up 20 gauge copper wire will work to hold a bird this size and I wrapped the legs first with wool and then with string and low and behold my Curtain Bird stands!
 I also finished my tyvek peacock atc this week.  I will definitely get some more Tyvek to paint with metallic acrylic paint and heat with an iron to melt.  Maybe I could even use some Tyvek for bird's wings!
 The city of Regina has broken a 57 year snowfall record this winter with receiving over 196 cm of snow.  I went out at my coffee break last week to take a picture of the library where I work and all the snow.
 I work up on the 6th floor and here's a very picturesque view out of the library window.  It's very pretty with all the frost but enough with winter already!
 We started the peppers and a few celery plants for the garden and they are all up and doing nicely.
 The tomato seedlings are all doing great too.  At least we have green and growing things in the house if not outside yet.  Old Man Winter please go away!
The birds certainly are not happy with all this snow either and here are a couple of Juncos (right side) along with 2 Grey Partridges and a lone Sharp-Tailed Grouse looking for seeds. We received more snow today and tonight it's going down to -17 C or 1 F.  It just has to warm up one of these days!


  1. love your bird Jenny, do you get Stitch magazine as there are some in the feb/mch edition, done by Maggie Smith she has a web site I saw them made up at the show last month, should have bought her book but have them in the magazine, will try and make one and post it on my blog.
    Peacock has worked so well on the tyvek.
    We are free from the snow now but just heard roads are once again closed in Scotland, as long as it stays up there!

  2. Wow,Beautiful bird!
    Happy New week.

  3. the white bird is so funny !
    You have still so much snow. it is amazing !

  4. Your bird is lovely !
    Nice pictures you took !
    Have a nice week.

  5. This blog post is full of all sorts of charming birds, and glistening snow.
    Good of you to recycle the curtain!

  6. what a charming little bird... and I love the textures of the tyvek peacock.

  7. Wow, lots of snow in Canada in April! Your bird is adorable, Jenny. Very skillfully done. The tyvek work ain't too bad either. :):)

  8. Very cute little bird:) I don't know about you but I'm sick of winter...roll on spring. We have finally gotten rid of most of the snow and it rained yesterday so there is hope:)

  9. Sweet Tweet Bird. Tyvek ATC is beautiful. Winter snow is lasting too long for you. We are actually having Spring this year. Sunshine Smiles Dear...

  10. Your bird is lovely. I like your peacock ATC, Tyvek is an interesting material. I'm glad we have no more snow here, there was plenty of that this winter! It finally starts to look like spring here.

  11. Your birdie is a cutie. I also love working with Tyvek to create art. I mostly create beads with it. Our winter was a bit ruff to but nothing compare to Regina. Our snow is now all melted and we are now getting lots of beautiful rain. Happy Spring. Hugs judy

  12. The bird is very sweet and your peacock looks great. Tyvek is very interesting to work with. Your photo taken from the library is amazing! I send you sunshine from the southern hemisphere-maybe it helps to melt the snow.

  13. Love your bird Penny- and those fantastic snow photoes, I think you even had more snow than we did! And still you are far in front of me, with your new plants :-)

  14. just popped back to have another look at your tyvek, did you stitch on it before or after you distressed it, I have found my box of samples but think to stitch on them would be difficult as it is sort of brittle but if stitched before heating I suppose it will distort the stitching?

  15. Your bird is a cutie! The tyvek would make pretty butterfly wings......I must go find some tyvek.
    I hope your weather warms up soon....sometimes it seems as though winter wants to stay too long.


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