Friday, February 8, 2013

To honour my pins and needles

 Today being Harikuyo and the wonderful Japanese festival to honour our hard working and broken  needles, I've posted a few pictures of my pincushions and needle cases.
 The middle one is the first needle case I ever made.
 I took Susan Elliott's wonderful needle book e-class and on the last page there is a spot to put our broken needles.
 I left off the tie that goes around the needle books as my sewing skills are terrible but here are 2 of the books I made last year from Susan's Plays With Needles blog.
I brought my amaryllis bulb out from the cold room, planted it and am thrilled with how beautifully it is blooming!  It certainly adds a wonderful burst of colour on a dreary winter's day.


  1. pin cushions and needle cases are so sweet, great idea for the broken ones at the back. I put all my broken ones in an old medicine bottle. What a vibrant red your amaryllis is.

  2. Oh Jenny Penny Poppy your needlecases and pincushions are wonderful. How fun that you participated in Hari-Kuyo Festival today. I took Susan's e-course and it was excellent. I am hoping to make a few more needlecases for some special gifts to my family. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  3. All your creations are beautiful but my favorite is the needlecase in blue!!
    Happy weekend.

  4. lots of cushions and cases here Jenny, of course the hardanger one is the one that shouts at me!
    I had not heard of broken needle day, I hate to admit to it but I throw my broken ones away, have asked one or two other stitchers about this when I read Susan`s post and they say the same, maybe not caught on in the UK.

  5. Aww I love oin cushions and needle books so much..from my heart..
    pin cushions and needle cases are always my passion..great idea to keep them safe.
    Love for you x

  6. Lovely work on your pincushions!! That flower is beautiful, I definitely agree it can only brighten our winter days :)

  7. Beautiful ! Your needles and pins are lucky !
    Have a nice weekend.

  8. Happy Harikuyo dear Jenny! You are rich with cushions and cases...If I were a needle, I'd want to hang out with you. May you have a new Needle Year full of blessings and beautiful stitches. xo Susan

  9. What a gorgeous collection of needlecases and pincushions. I have already heart of this Japaneses tradition.
    I like your beautiful Amaryllis!
    Hugs from snowy Vienna Claudia

  10. wow, they are all lovely. it is so cute to see all these nice things together.

  11. these pincushions and needle cases are so pretty!


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