Sunday, February 3, 2013

Needle Painted Iris Take 2

 With all the leaves on the iris finally finished I can now say I know how to do split stitch embroidery. Now for the best part - stitching up the flower with all lovely different shades of purples.  The biggest challenge will be to get the angles right on the various sections. 
 Tanja Berlin certainly did a beautiful job on designing this iris :)
 Deer damage on our cedar.  As we keep getting more snow the deer just get to keep reaching higher. Looks like we'll be taking it down in the spring and planting something else that the deer won't demolish.
 At one point I counted 28 of these sweet little redpolls on our deck.  Managed to snap a picture of this one in mid hop :)
 Our garden snow drift.
 Such a handsome Mr. Redpoll.
 While I was stitching on my iris, my mom was doing some cross stitching.  She finished a lovely little windmill, a couple of cats and an elephant which will become card inserts.
Bob, our wonderful neighbour, came by unexpectedly with his snow blower and cleaned our driveway.  Our yard has been blown in by snow more this year than in the past 5 years put together and it's still only February!


  1. Your leaves are extraordinary in the color blending. They look like they are waving in the breeze. Sad about your Cedar. We have deer also and they are voracious eaters and have killed so many of our landscaped plants. Those little birds are precious and I love how you got the mid-hop photo. Mom got a lot of stitching done. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  2. Jenny you have stitched your leaves beautifully, they really are immaculate. I grumbled the other day when we had snow lying around for a week, looks like yours will be around for a long time yet. Such pretty little birds and catching thee one on the hop is great to see. Good to see Mum stitching so many projects

  3. Beautiful leaves. It is great when you can capture birds like that. I do not know of any thing that deer do not like to eat. Keep warm happy stitching.

  4. very pretty stitching on the leaves..
    sweet birds..
    have a lovely monday x

  5. the iris is looking wonderful. I follow the blog of a lady who does the most amazing embroidery and she shows how she draws the stitch lines in to make the curves correct. I can't for the life of me remember her blog name... I'll try to find it.

    Also, Mary Corbert has some great advice:
    That's a link to long and short stitch, but her whole site is full of information.

  6. I found it - this is one post where she talks about dividing the shading up, but there's loads more if you work your way backwards through her blog:

  7. Your Iris is becoming more and more beautiful.Thanks for the photos. I love birds and it is a pleasure for me to watch them. Your Mum is great, my Mum also likes stitching; she makes Hardanger. Hopefully both will keep on stitching for a long long time! :-)

  8. Can't wait to see it finish !!!
    Have a great week !

  9. Spring has arrived in your beautiful stitching! I'm looking forward to seeing the purple petals. Your leaves look great, and I love the bird pics. Isn't it great to have thoughtful neighbours?

  10. Oh, to stitch with your Mom!!! You are a lucky girl, indeed! Your iris is looking so perfect! I can't get over all your snow!

  11. Beautiful stitching. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment.

  12. You are one fast stitcher! The leaves look great and I would imagine you would be an expert after all those stitches. The bird photo is so the little hop!

  13. The leaves looks beautiful .You've done a great job Jenny!

  14. I looked at the iris in a close up picture. You did a wonderful job on the green parts.
    Can't wait to watch the flower blooming.
    Enjoy your weekend,


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