Thursday, December 27, 2012

Owl Purse

 I just absolutely ran out of time trying to finish crocheting this owl purse which was supposed to be for one of my granddaughters for Christmas. I finished the eyes and strap today and so now it will be a gift for next year!  I came across this pattern on
 One of 3 gorgeous mule deer bucks that are coming into the yard this winter.  This is Beaufort and he's absolutely beautiful to see.
 Beaufort and a young muley having a bit of a stare down.  Easy to guess who one this contest.
MooShoo our calico cat.  Why do cat's love lying on paper so much?


  1. Adorable owl purse. MooShoo is doing exactly what regal cats do. The deer are amazing...however they are voracious eaters of all our landscaping. Blessings with Peace and Joy for all of 2013...

  2. Your owl is so beautiful!
    I love snow and would be a great show ..... look out the window and see this!!
    The cats ..... love the sound of paper as the flakes of gift packages!!
    Happy and peaceful New Year.

  3. well you are ahead of yourself Jenny, a present for next year already love it.

    Your cat is the double of Sophie my daughter`s cat, such a lovely nature they have.
    You get so much wild life coming into your yard over the year so much to see and photo lucky you.

  4. That owl purse is adorable, Jenny! Your granddaughter is going to love it. Did you design it yourself?

  5. All beautiful animals !
    Have a nice day !

  6. Love the owl purse! So cute.
    Wonderful shots of the deer- I hope they don't eat all your gardens.
    Cats like to lie on paper- it rustles and sounds good, and they know that eventually you have to pick up the paper....and they can then do their aloof look and deign to move for such a mere human........maybe, if it suits them ..... lol

  7. I'm sure your granddaughter will love this owl purse.

  8. This purse is so great!Your granddaughter will be happy!


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