Friday, December 28, 2012

Last TAST 2012 Post

 What a super learning and stitching year it's been with being part of Sharon's 2012 TAST challenge.  Didn't think I'd be able to keep up each week but I was able to for the most part.  The Knotted Cable Chain was the last stitch of the year to work with.  Looking forward to seeing what the 2013 TAST challenges will be.
 The full moon was shining so brightly this morning on the lake and on the ice fishing trailers that I had to go outside to take a picture even though it was -24 degrees Celsius.  Supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow and if it does I'll be going for a ski on the lake :)
I love watching this sweet, active and agile White-breasted Nuthatch that comes often to the bird feeder. It's so neat to see him creep upside down along the tree trunk and with his black, gray, and white markings he really is a beauty.


  1. Your stitching journey has been quite the joy to watch over the weeks. Waaaaay toooooo cold for me!!! Sweet little birdie. Blessings with Peace and Joy for all of 2013...

  2. I am so thankful to be back visiting your blog! these photos are wonderful - the bright moon, and the sweet nuthatch too - well done on your stitching! and a very Happy new Year to you and your family 2013

  3. can see ice fishermen on the lake! How cool is that??? Lovely moon shot! Your TAST stitching this week is so cute and festive!!!! Hope you get to go skiing!!! That bird is a great example of camouflage!!!

  4. well done |Jenny on finishing the tast, I am way behind maybe one day I will catch up.
    That ice looks so so cold, I cannot imagine what minus 24 degrees is like, can`t cope when it goes down to freezing here!! Your poor little bird he must be feeling the cold.

  5. We have nuthatches here, but they are a little different in colour. It's neat to watch them going up and down the trees.....and this year we saw a brown creeper for the first time! Nice moon shot.
    I haven't done this TAST stitch, but yours looks so good! I've enjoyed your Stitching!
    hugs and Happy New Year!!

  6. Beautiful colored Embroidey!!!
    I wish for you and your family for this New Year Love, Fortune and Health!!
    Hugs form Italy.

  7. Good job on this stitch, Jenny. Came out better than mine did. Looking forward to the TAST 2013. Happy New Year.


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