Monday, November 26, 2012

Lines, Circles & Squares: Portuguese Border Stitch

 Another week of TAST behind us and only 5 more left to go I think.  This week's Portuguese Border Stitch wasn't difficult but my smaller circles didn't turn out very well. I might use this stitch somewhere down the road as it is quite nice looking.
The last 4 stitches on my band sampler.  I need to get with it and join all my band pieces together but with Christmas only a few short weeks away it's a doubtful undertaking.


  1. Wow, your work is progressing & turning into a lovely little sampler! It's really nice, well done. Mii x

  2. this stitch has worked well and the delicate colours are so so nice. Only 5 more to go but then we start again Jenny or are you not going to do them next year, think they will be far more complicated stitches which will be a challenge. I hope to come up with an idea about working them in a proper sampler form of some kind, have to get my thinking cap on!


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