Sunday, November 18, 2012

Checkered Chains

 Week 46 of TAST was the Checkered/Magic/Alternating Chain Stitch which was fun and another stitch I had not either done or heard of before.  Been so many stitches that I've said that about while doing this TAST challenge.
 One of the many perks of being able to work at home:  Grant can talk to a driver on the phone and feed a chickadee at the same time right outside the front door.
 A gorgeous male Red poll at our coconut feeder.
 We went for a sunny winter walk in the hills yesterday.  Grant noticed these yarrow and lovely patterns in the snow.
One lone Song Sparrow looking for seeds on the deck. He's very noticeable amoungst all the House Sparrows.


  1. Those zigzags are great, Jenny! Thanks for showing us the bird pictures. I love seeing the birds. Keep 'em coming.

  2. i love the birds so much..sweet little fellow..
    beautiful stitching xx

  3. Love your checkered chain and woven picot!!! Nice bird shots! The song sparrow is adorable!!!

  4. your stitches work so very well for sky and clouds.
    Such a tame little bird to eat out of your hand, mine fly away if I look out of the window must be my scary face.

  5. Great idea to use this stitch for zig-zag. I like your charming embroidery. Thank you for sharing your photos. I love birds and thank you so much for your words on my blog - means a lot to me!

  6. nice work with the magic chain stitch.
    the birds are so lovely !

  7. Beautiful magic chain stich !
    And beautiful pictures too !
    Have a nice week.

  8. Nice magic chain! I like the pic you've created from TAST stitches.
    The chickadees are so brave, and easy to tame, but how light they are on the hands! We feed the birds ere all winter, and we seem to have a lot of the chickadees so far.

  9. I like the stitched leaves. We don't get chickadees or red poll where I live. We do get some sparrows, various birds of the tit family and a lot of pigeons, but none of them are very tame. I think the robin is probably the most brave here.

  10. Hi, Jenny. Really liked what you did with the woven picot. That's a stitch that has a lot of possibilities--very fun!
    best, nadia

  11. Your checkered chain stitch is beautiful! Isn't that a fun stitch to do? I love all the bird pictures - the little song sparrow is so sweet!


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