Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Riot of Colour

 An atc that I finished today created for my 22 year old daughter who is full of colour but going through a rough patch in her life.  It's mainly straight and drizzle stitches on snippets of organza on felt and a wrapper backing.
 I worried needlessly when only one grouse kept showing up the last couple of days when it was storming, windy and cold.  These two came running into the yard this morning to feast on the wheat we had scattered for them.
 Not long after another 2 showed up and they stayed for quite awhile.
I know magpies need to eat too but this suet log is for the woodpeckers and chickadees and when he's around no one gets anything! Love his long tail feathers though and how striking he is.


  1. Nice little creation! This should cheer up your daughter no end ☺ Even in the Birds world, some are still acting selfishly!!! Hope he has left some food for the others...

  2. wow very sweet..i love it so much..
    beautiful picture of snow..and little fellow..
    hugs x

  3. It's look like a firework !
    Th bird seem to apreciate your kindness...

  4. The atc is beautiful! I have never heard of the drizzle stitch - I love the look of it! Great bird pictures, I'm glad the grouse are all ok.

  5. A wonderful little creation full of excitement. I never realized magpies hung around in the winter.

  6. Love all that color. So simple and easy, yet very effective. Hope your daughter feels better, Jenny.

  7. a very bright and cheerful ATC Jenny, I am sure it will lift your daughter`s spirits.
    Good to see the grouse are all returning.
    Loads of magpies her but they never feed off my bird feeders like yours, lets hope it stays that way.

  8. Beautiful creation!!
    I have not watched a snow grouse. They are very cute figures!

  9. Hello, it's Mii again! Hop over to my blog, I'm talking about you!! :-)

  10. wow, what a pretty creation! love all that colour!
    great job!

    beautiful photos of the snow and those little fellows are so cute!

    hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

    plus: thank you kindly for your lovely comment. it is much appreciated:)

  11. Pretty work!Loved the bird pictures too.My PC is not functioning properly, that's why I couldn't follow your blog properly.Will try to catch up soon.

  12. LUV your ATC. Now that is my idea of what an ATC should look like. Gorgeous in a small space!
    best, nadia


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