Friday, November 30, 2012

Arrow Stitch Arrows

 Week 48 of TAST was the Arrow or Arrowhead Stitch. There's a nice rhythm to this stitch and I can see that it would make a nice filling or border stitch.
 The last 5 stitches on my band sampler.
 MooShoo knows she's not supposed to go on my desk but she looks very much at home and comfortable on all my papers. What a stinker bum ;)
All the snow we've had in November has made city driving lousy but on the bright side it's been great to go cross-country skiing! 


  1. Your arrowheads are fabulous. MooShoo is merely being her regal self...the queen of the realm. Cross country skiing is wonderful for you but I have never done it...being a Southern California Disneyland girl. Joyful Jingles...

  2. the arrowheads work brilliantly here. Mooshoo looks just like Sophie my daughter Catherine`s cat, her favourite place is the ironing board!
    Enjoy your skiing, not for me I am afraid hate the cold, it said today the ski slopes have opened in Scotland, we fortunately are not in line for any at the moment.Very early for skiing here, hope it does not mean a long cold winter.

  3. Awe beautiful stitching
    Your kitty is so cute:)
    Enjoy your skiing ..have a fun time
    Cucki x

  4. Arrows for Valentine's day...
    Have a cosy weekend.

  5. can snow ski too??? How cool is that! Love your arrow stitching! Neat pattern!

  6. Очень оригинально и весело) Интересная идея.

  7. your work for the arrowhead stitch is so funny !


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