Monday, October 1, 2012

Butterfly atc

 Yesterday my eldest daughter came home and while she sat at the kitchen table drawing a dragon, I joined her and finished this atc.  There's something about atc's that I find so enjoyable and relaxing.  Perhaps it's because they are only 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" and one soon gets the sense of accomplishment when finishing something.  Then there's the creative fun side of atc's of trying out different ideas and stitches. My next one will be a fall themed trade and then I've had a request from someone in Florida for a recycled material one :) 
Has anyone purchased or had a chance to look at this gorgeous book and make something from it?  I have the pleasurable position of purchasing a few magazines and books this year for The Regina Stitchery Guild Library so I ordered and just received this beautiful book to add to the collection.  I'm just itching to try my hand at these lovely bullion and drawn thread work stitches.  Oh for more time in the day! 


  1. very sweet atc..nice..
    i saw that book by my friend..but i dont have that book is so beautiful
    big hugs xx

  2. I live in Portugal but I've never seen this book.
    Have a fun day.

  3. These ATC s you do are so small, I did not realise they were that size, small is very fiddly to do isn`t it?
    The book you have there is on my list of wants, maybe when I go to the big show in november I will treat myself

  4. love the colours in your embroidery and the book looks VERY interesting....

  5. What a lovely ATC! I bought that book last month, it's pleasure to flip through the pages. I didn't stitch anything from it yet, I need more hours in the day too!

  6. Hi Jenny,
    I'm portuguese and I love books, have same beautiful ones but never saw that.I'm going to look at it maybe in Amazon UK. We have many kinds of white ebroidered I love them all.
    Now, with pleasure, I'm your newest follower:)!
    Have a lovely week!

    Hugs from Portugal
    Ana Love Craft

  7. Beautiful ATC! I've got that book on my wishlist so I'd be interested to knwo waht you think of it.

  8. so pretty atc! and the book looks very lovely too.

    hope your weekend is going well!

    big hugs~

  9. This butterfly ATC is so gorgeous!!! I fell in love instantly! I would love to do a stitched ATC for trade with you one day! My DIL and I just looked at your butterfly and decided it is something we would both like to try!!! I'm excited!

    Can't wait to see you make a portugese whitework ATC!!!!!


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