Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pumpkin Time Cross Stitch

 Anne from Doll's Musings recently posted a lovely little fall ornament she had stitched with the link for the free pattern from Le Chalet des Perelles.  From my large stash of threads given to me from my Stitching Dad I chose my own colours and finished it off with beads to join the front and back together. My Mr. Man didn't think the orange blobs looked very much like pumpkins but that's what they're supposed to be!  My zinnias have dried up and turned brown and that's what I added to the top of this picture.
 The summer flew by so quickly and once again it's time to take the boat, lift and dock out.
 I'm trying to be helpful by taking pictures :)
But seeing as how I bought some chest waders a couple of years ago, I put them on and did my utmost best to help move the lift to the shore. Another year on the boat has come and gone. Time seems to be moving more and more quickly with each passing season.


  1. Your pumpkin time cross stitch looks wonderful -I especially like the use of the beads. I really enjoyed reading your post on the EAC blog about your creative and talented Dad! Really beautiful work!

  2. beautiful stitching..i love the little cushion so much.
    big hugs xx

  3. Adorable stitching on your pincushion. You are super cute in your waders.

  4. Your pumpkins look just perfect to me!

  5. I love your sweet pumpkin cross stitch! Adorable...esp. with the dried flower at top! Time is flying by too quickly these days!!! You are right!

  6. yes winter is well on the way, time for long dark evenings and staying in stitching!Warm clothes out and summer things put away now, summer certainly never arrived properly here this year, maybe that means we will have a mild winter, I live in hope!

    You look as though you enjoyed your chest waders, a great photo

    A cute little pumpkin, like the way you have used the beads

  7. You seem to have fun !
    Your cross stitch is adorable !
    Have a great week.

  8. Oh wow! And you finished it too Jenny! Well done! I'm still waiting on finishing mine...lack of time unfortunately. I love the beaded trim and the colours you chose for the birds chest!!


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