Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sunset atc

  HubbyWubby and I went for a lovely and memorable walk in the hills a few evenings ago and saw a gorgeous sunset.  To help remember our time together I decided to make an atc.  Not sure why I chose a Chinese cookie wrapper to begin with but I did and put a piece of blue organza on top and then the brown/green organza for the hills.
 I did some free motion machine sewing to try to represent the dried grasses and chain stitched the sun.  I won't be trading this one :)

One of the beautiful sunset pictures that HubbyWubby took that evening.


  1. i love your sunset ATC card jenny..anyways evening walk made you more creative:)..

  2. How beautiful was that sunset your husband captured!!!
    Love your ATC!!!!! The sun is so full and vivid! You couldn't have picked a better stitch to fill in with! Love the sun rays, too!

  3. That is a wonderful ATC! It is truly inspired.


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