Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My chickadee can walk

I was going to finish all the cross stitching first before doing any outlining and black back stitches but I couldn't wait and gave my little artist chickadee legs, outlined the beak and eye and the top of his beret.  I needed a break too from all the 1/2 stitches. Hopefully this evening I'll finish the palette but I also have to think of what to stitch for this weeks TAST challenge of the pistil stitch.


  1. how cute the chikadee!!!!!!!!!!!
    i feel like to hold it in my arms..:))))))))
    iam also thinking of designing pistil stitch##

  2. What a sweet little artist chick!!! I was actually looking at cross stitch patterns in the store today, but need something small to start again! I am sort of waiting for those cute little ornament sized ones to arrive for some quickie fun! I keep putting off the sheath stitch, but want to come up with something...maybe combine the two (sheath and pistil), if I can ever sit myself down long enough!!!
    xoxo- Julie

  3. Your little artist Chickadee is so adorable and now has purpose and attitude. He is making great strides. Blissful Stitching...

  4. How cute! I think your little bird inspired me for the pistil stitch.

  5. Walked right into my heart! Very cute and a great attitude too!

  6. wow! that is totally cute!
    i love it.

    dropping by via sweet prairie to say hi! nice to meet you and i am now GFC following you!

    have a great weekend!:)

  7. Super adorable chickadee! i've always loved chickadees and this one is so sassy!!

  8. beautifully done - and so adorable!~


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