Saturday, June 30, 2012

June ATC's

 There were 2 ladies in June with birthdays that are part of the stitchin' fingers atc birthday swap group. I made this one for Donetta and mailed it to Portland, Oregon. I wanted to take a picture before mailing and the only spot where there was decent light was in front of the patio door.  I put one of our blue placemats down for a better background than our rug and of course Miss Curious aka MooShoo has to come along and plop herself down.  Since she was there and in the way I used her as a prop,
 This 2nd atc was for Kalona who lives in Dover, England.  I fused bits of organza together on a piece of felt and did some random stitching on it.  MooShoo didn't want to be a nice prop and wanted to take a bite out of it instead.
 I shooed her away to take one more.  Hope the birthday atc ladies like these. It's been a fun year long swap to be a part of.
 Instead of going to the oriole feeder, this female Baltimore Oriole insists on drinking at the hummingbird feeder.
 It's definitely awkward for her but she's figured out how to get a sip.  The male oriole goes to the oriole feeder and the hummingbird drinks at both. 
Glad I took a picture of these baby robins still in the nest as they were gone the next day.


  1. MooShoo is being the adorable curious cat she is supposed to be. Your ATCs are wonderful. How fabulous to see such beautiful birds everyday. Also I adore your stitched pansy on the previous post. Stitchilious...

  2. two lovely cards you have created her Jenny, love the curiosity of your mooshoo, and as for your feathered friends how lucky are you to have such beautiful birds in your garden, mine usually consist of sparrows, starlings,magpies and if I am lucky might get the odd blue tit, robin and wren and I do not have a cat to chase them away

  3. I love the nest full of Robins ready to fly away. ATC's are neat. We have little yellow finch here that are similar to your oriole. It is so hot and dry here I would not be surprised at seeing most anyting trying to drink from the feeders.

  4. I love the pink flower card you made Jenny!! Cats always get involved in our stuff, don't they?!!


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