Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Canvas work fabric bowl #2

I so enjoyed stitching and the look of the first canvas work fabric bowl I made that I knew I had to make another one as a gift.  I have a fair bit of blue and white Perle cotton #5 thread so I decided to use some up but we're leaving for Alberta in 8 days.  Will I be able to get it done in time plus get 80+ tomato plants and all the other bedding plants in the garden plus keep up with TAST and go to work every day of course? Well, I'll try my best and try not to stress about it all.


  1. Your plate is definitely overflowing with lots to do. Somehow I believe you will manage them all. Love the blue and white stitching you are doing. I hope you show the finished bowl. Blissful dear...

  2. well we can not call you lazy, so much to do and so little time. Fingers crossed you have some one to water your tomato plants and the rest of your garden whilst you are away.
    Have a great trip away and come home refreshed.
    Love your bit of canvas,I enjoy the variety of stitches in canvas work and do it on 22 and 24 count but have not done any lately.


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