Friday, November 4, 2011

Hem Stitching & the Norwich Stitch

Two more new stitches accomplished on my mystery sampler.  I remember seeing my grandmother hem stitching but this was a first for me.  The instructions were easy and straight forward so I quickly caught on to how to do it.  After the hem stitching I worked on the middle portion counted thread stitch known as either the Norwich or Waffle stitch and I think it has quite a nice look to it.  The next section is for us to design on our own which will be a lot of fun.  I have a few ideas floating around my head and hope to get it done by our next stitchery guild meeting on Tuesday.


  1. I like that Norwich stitch, it looks like a nice one to try on an inchie!

  2. Thanks Annet & Suz! Yes, the Norwich stitch would be perfect for one of your inchies :)


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