Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Woven Detached Chains

Stitch number 58 on Sharon's Pintangle site and what a lovely and easy stitch this was to learn.  Just make a chain stitch and needle weave it back and forth.  I used both perle cotton and floss and added a row to the bottom of my underwater scene.  Unfortunately that's about all the stitching I did but this week looks much better for stitching time :)

 We went for a walk in the hills and the lichen on this stone is so eye catching I had to take a picture.
 With eye's closed he kept nosing the air.  I wonder what he was smelling?  Hopefully spring!!
One of the young mule deer in front of the house.
 Peeping Torn Ear was watching me through the window for quite awhile Sunday morning with eyes that are saying "I'm hungry!"  It's been a very long, cold winter.


  1. Wow! Your underwater scene is so happy and beautiful. Love the woven stitch. The pictures are great too!

  2. Poor Peeping Torn Ear! Did you share?
    Lovin' the lichen, and your undersea stitchery is very nice! You did lots of woven chain stitches.

  3. ah! those stitches look lovely in the underwater scene! thank you for visiting the blog - and for sharing these wonderful photos of your neighborhood scenery ...and neighbors :) just lovely

  4. Your stitches are very pretty.

  5. You have made perfect use of the Woven Detached Chain stitch. Spring is here!

  6. What a cute stitch - simple but so very effective! Your scene is really coming to life....lots of depth!

  7. very nice sampler; and the pictures are lovely. how can wild animals come so close ? it is amazing


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