Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Black Cat #2

 When I complained about my cross stitch mistakes in working my 1st Christmas Black Cat, Julie from A Succulent Life suggested trying the pattern using the continental, tent or half cross stitch. I had to double the thickness of my floss but it went faster and I didn't need to worry about getting all the top threads in the same direction and for once I worked a pattern  perfectly!  Another Christmas giftie finished :)
 My energetic, disciplined and very healthy Mom ready to go snowshoeing.  She tries to go every day and I'm so proud of her and how she works hard at keeping in good shape. Way to go Mom!!
I just noticed while looking at this picture that she's wearing mismatched gloves! I think I'd better get her a decent pair for Christmas.


  1. aww cute cat..i love her..
    lovely photos..
    love for you x

  2. Nice little cat, the trick seems to have worked :)

  3. I like your charming black cat. Congrats to your great mum!
    Your sampler band is wonderful, I hope you do'n t mind when I add your blog to my blog roll.

  4. great cat so important to keep active Mum obviously enjoy it.

  5. Yay for getting your Black cat finished!! Your mom is so cute in her snowshoes!! I love cross country skiing and snowshoeing!!

  6. the cat has worked very well and love the Xmas fabric you have put around it, makes it even more Xmassy. Good on you Mum out in the snow, trust she is well wrapped up.

  7. Oh....I love that my new secret trick worked out for you!!!!! This turned out so your border fabric. Your Mom looks like she really enjoys snowshoeing....that is somethink I would like to try one day! Staying in good shape pays off in later years of life. My Mom was like that! I need to be more like her!!! ;)


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