Sunday, November 11, 2012

Picot Mix-up

Got my TAST woven picots mixed up, as last week's challenge was the closed woven picot and not paying attention, I worked open picots by working the grass, ears, beaks & fly. When this weeks stitch was posted I realized my oops and worked the closed picot by adding the tree and leaves to my critters.  I've had to begin a new band of fabric for my TAST band sampler and hopefully I'll pay better attention to what we're to stitch this coming week!  Sheesh!
One lone Sharp-tailed Grouse scurried into the yard this afternoon.  There used to be 11 that came everyday so I hope the others are okay somewhere.  We've had a winter storm blow through the last couple of days which dumped 35 cm of snow on us and here it looks like the Grouse is eying the scarf St. Francis is wearing. 


  1. Jenny it now looks like a complete picture shouting to be framed and hung on the wall.

    Lots of snow you have there, hope it goes soon, poor grouse, I expect the other ones are being sensible and keeping their little paws ( no that is the wrong word, are they feet no I don`t think so, never mind you know what I mean ) warm somewhere.

  2. I love the little scene you have created. I will have to look carefully when I get to those stitches still a lot of catching up to do. I think Margaret is right the rest are keeping warm somewhere.

  3. aww cute scene..i love the embroidery so much.
    ohh so much snow..i love snow so much.
    hugs x

  4. Beautiful updated design, it's perfect! Well done, Mii xx

  5. your critters are really funy ! They remind me Totoro and his friends

  6. Lovely and funny !
    Have a cosy week.

  7. I mixed them up too, also others have. Fortunately we don't get punished ;)


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