Sunday, October 28, 2012

Another Chubby Owl

 So glad I randomly bought  this ball of Bernat Mosaic yarn sometime ago to use for something. This is my 3rd Chubby owl using Tara Schreyer's pattern available on Ravelry.  Think I'll start on another one today so I'll have a few ready for Christmas gifties.
Caught these two pesky Magpies in the backyard and I'm sure they're up to no good.  They keep the songbirds away unfortunately but at the same time they are so striking and clever that I really like seeing them around.


  1. Your random ball of yarn has created a most beautiful owl. Don't let those magpie's steal any of your shiny sparkly stuff...

  2. Love your little owl!!! The eyes are awesome! I never saw a magpie until I went to the prairies. I think they are cool!

  3. the buttonhole wheel stitch works great for the wise owl`s eyes, surprised the magpies were not investigating him. We sometimes get as many as 14 of the noisy birds in the field opposite but they rarely venture into the garden, have seen them taking baby blackbirds from the nest ugh but as you say their colouring is great and they are good to watch.

  4. I did not know Magpies were such a I am thinking I will have to change my blog name! The owl is a cute and I love the eyes!
    4th attempt with the word verification

  5. Cute, sweet owlie!!! Love him/her! Hey, you are going to be ready for Christmas! I wish I was so determined!


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