Sunday, July 22, 2012

Playing with Dyes

 Lots of rags - check. Spray bottles, sponges and brushes - check. Drying rack, clothes pins, apron, drop cloth, fabric - check. And also make sure I'm wearing old home around clothes - check!  This was my list of supplies for a fun day of dying.
 Our super organized Karen with all the dyes in containers. There were 6 of us who met to spend our Saturday dying, painting and playing to our hearts content.
 Here Karen had scrunched up some pre-soaked ready to dye fabric and she was painting the tops of the scrunches black.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of how it turned out but it was very neat and something I'd like to try.
 I dyed, painted and did a bit of stenciling on a variety of material such as lutradur, felt, aida cloth, linen, cotton and also some white silk roving.
 I sprinkled salt on a couple of pieces and as it drew the colour in, it made such a neat effect.  I'll make a few miniature landscape pieces, artist trading cards, stitched cards and who knows what else but now I have lots of neat fabric to stitch on :)
And to end out my super fun day of playing with fabric, here is our cat Momo sitting on the front stoop amid the flower pots.


  1. What fun! And new supplies to play with.....

  2. Great pictures Jeannette - and wonderful pieces that you did that day. you are very creative.

  3. It looks like you had a great day. Thats the best way to dye fabric..altogether as a group.


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