Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oyster Stitching

 Week 30 of TAST was this great Oyster Stitch.  Really like the look of this stitch especially with perle cotton #5 thread.  It took me a bit to get the hang of it and it certainly is not a fun stitch to undo but I will definitely be using it again in future stitching.
The last 7 stitches on my TAST band sampler:  buttonhole wheel, cable chain, palestrina stitch, bonnet stitch, up and down buttonhole, basque stitch and the oyster stitch.  I'm learning so much this year due to the TAST challenge and I'm very, very, glad I decided to be a part of this great learning and stitching experience :)


  1. Thank you for showing the progress on your band sampler, Jenny. I love seeing it! It's looking great.

  2. your oyster stitch looks great!

  3. hi jenny thanks for commenting on my post..
    i have done raised stem stitch for tree trunk and stem stitch filling for branches..hope you cleared it..

  4. this really is very pretty embroidery...


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