Sunday, July 15, 2012

Up & Down Buttonhole Jellyfish

 Week 28 of TAST was the Up & Down Buttonhole stitch.  Once I caught on I quite enjoyed this stitch and am sure I'll use it again.  I goofed up a few times of course and went down when I should have gone up and then went up when I should have gone down but when I paid attention to what I was doing I did just fine :)
 The last 5 TAST stitches on my band sampler.  I have room for one, maybe 2 more stitches and then I'll hem it and add it to my roll of other stitches.
My daughter caught this baby frog yesterday.  I was hoping it would stay for a second in her hand to take a picture but I caught it in mid-leap instead.  When he landed on the sand he was almost invisible as he blended in so well.


  1. Well done with your experiment, Jenny. Looks good to me! I love the design of your greater sampler. How about a photo of the WHOLE thing? :)

  2. I really like your creativity when practicing your TAST stitches and that was for sure a super cute tiny froggy! Nice action shot!

  3. I love your blog! Your TAST stitching looks so good and what a beautiful sampler you are making! Great shot of the little frog - they can jump so quickly!


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