Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yellow Bird Not In a Banana Tree

 This saucy and smartly dressed little Yellow Warbler was at our window just begging to have his picture taken and I just couldn't say no.
 The song he is singing for a lady love is so sweet and irresistible that I'm sure he will find one soon.
 He just couldn't take his eyes away from admiring himself in the reflection.
Such a beautiful little ray of sunshine on a cool and overcast day.


  1. How beautiful yellow bird is. I can imagine a lovely song being sung by yellow bird. So happy you were able to photograph and share. Safe weekend dear...

  2. How sweet! Maybe he wanted to come in for tea...

  3. What a gorgeous yellow bird it reminds me of yellow finches my dad used to have years agox

  4. what a poser, it really looks like he is playing up to the camera, a lovely little bird


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