Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Friends are the stitches...

Here's an up-date on my Mystery Sampler started back in October 2011 which one of the members of our local stitchery guild designed for our program for the year.  The last 2 blocks are partially done and hopefully this evening I can get either the rest of quote finished or the hemstitching done.  I also need to start making some bullion stitches for this weeks TAST challenge but I really need to work in the yard this evening and dig out some horrible crab grass that has made inroads into my flower bed.  I also have a lily clump that needs dividing and also some other perennials that need some attention.  Ahhh - seriously wish I could take the day off work to do the fun stuff I'd like to do. Have a wonderful day everyone!!


  1. Jenny, wonderful sampler!! good luck to you in bullion knots (I didn't stitch them yet also..) and in your garden!
    hugs, Masha

  2. it is coming on so well your sampler.
    Trust you got everything done in the garden, I don`t know how I ever found the time to work, have been enjoying retirement for 5 years and still do not have enough hours in the day.


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