Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Peacock atc

This year I joined 13 other women on the stitchin fingers site for a birthday atc swap and this little bird is now on its way to the January birthday girl in our group.  This peacock turned out completely different from what I had originally thought I'd do. I was going to do rows of different coloured feathers encircling the peacock but I liked this tapestry material so much that that's all I used.  I added a few stitches with gold thread and am pleased with the results.


  1. Your peacock ATC is very fun and what a great idea for swapping through the year. Happy swapping...

  2. Lovely peacock! It always fun to see what happens if you start stitching, sometimes the threads or fabric tells you what to do.

  3. Thank you ladies! For no reason whatsoever I think I'll make another peacock atc this weekend and see how it turns out :)


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