Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Garland Hearts

Here are a few of the crocheted hearts I've been working on to make into a garland. I'm glad that Valentine's Day is still a few weeks away so I'll have plenty of time to make a few more.  I'd like to keep some for myself and also make a string of them for my eldest daughter. The free crochet heart patter can be found at Crochet Geek.


  1. I adore your crocheted hearts. I have not seen this design before. Are you able to share the pattern? They will make a wonderful garland and I think they are so sweet for any time of the year. Happy Heart Hugs...

  2. GORGEOUS hearts. Where did you find the pattern and what size yarn did you use. T think I can figure out the pattern, but, alas, I'm too lazy. LOLOL

    Oh, saw these in your post on For The Love of Crochet Along.

  3. Thank you very much ladies! I have a couple red and white ones too that I'll post soon.


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