Friday, August 19, 2011

Yet more Kanzashi

Still hooked on making Kanzashi flowers & I'm so glad to have jars of buttons from not only my mother & grandmother but also from a great, great aunt.  Do people even save buttons anymore?


  1. Love the use of old buttons on the flowers! I have a rather large collection--part from off old clothes, part from my mother and my grandmother.
    best, nadia

  2. Oh, how pretty! Yes, I do collect buttons... had to stop, because I was spending way too much time searching for beauties! I have jars and tins and boxes filled with buttons, simple and fancy. I remember cutting buttons off of worn out clothing and putting them in my mom's button tin. I still stop at button stalls when I see them, and sometimes I even purchase one or two!

  3. I do! I save them for CQing. I find some at the local second-hand shop, too, as well as saving those from our old clothing.
    Your kanzashi flowers are cute. Are you planning a project with them?


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