Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Melting While Stitching

It's so incredibly hot outside & we don't have A/C so I'm definitely not in top form on getting much stitching done the past few days. I am making progress though but still haven't decided on what beads to use in the centre of all the eyelets.  I also wish now that I had used variegated thread but perhaps if I make another.  We'll see.


  1. Sweltering here, too, with no AC. The lake is small and is now warm, but at least I can wade in for some wet relief. Will the pattern allow for adding some varigated thread? Copper beads would look smart. Would you add 1 color beads or vary them? Hugs

  2. Thanks for stopping by Suztats & for leaving a comment. It's cooled down today to a much more bearable 20 degrees. Our corn was flattened though from the fierce storm that swept though but hopefully they'll recover. I'm too far along now for using variegated & thanks for the bead suggestion. I have to check my beads to see what I have. Enjoy your swim :)


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