Sunday, May 1, 2011

Needle case continued

Joggles offers a fair number of on-line classes & this needle case is one that is currently being offered by Christen Brown.  This is a only a 3 week class & it's titled Creative Thread Embroidery.  Here is a list of the various stitches we will be learning & using:  bullion knot, cast on buttonhole, drizzle, woven, whipped and tatted plus traditional stitches such as the buttonhole, chain stitch, feather stitch, feather stitch leaf, French knot, lazy daisy, pistol stitch and straight stitch.  The instructions are excellent & there is also an on-line forum to connect with the instructor & others taking the class.  I'm already behind but that's okay as I'm not the only one & I can only do what I can do :)

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  1. They all look so nice against that blue! Very pretty. <3


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