Friday, October 21, 2016

Fall Felt Owl

 Playing with fibre and using resists (laminate floor underlay works great) I made this small fall owl wallhanging and added stitching and wooden beads from a bracelet.
 A couple of felt pieces made using resists on day 1 of a felt class I took with Maria Friese in Penticton in September.
 Day 2 & 3 of the class we worked on making a geometric vessel.  This is moi with Maria Friese as I get ready to cut the resist out that is inside.
 My finished vessel that looks like an asteroid or sea anenome or something.  It's not beautiful but a good learning piece.
 Our class with vessels taught by Maria Friese.  If you have time check out her work!
I'm still working on my Take A Stitch Tuesday Owl!  The last few stitches I added were the Feathered Chain stitch ( around the face ), the Slipped Detached Chain stitch aka Tulip stitch and I'm currently working on some Woven Detached Chain Stitches.

Have a most wonderful & delightful day & thank you for dropping by :D

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sheaf Stitch TAST up-date

 Stitch #52 on Sharon's Take A Stitch Tuesday challenge was the Sheaf Stitch.  It's above the 3 rows of Buttoned Herringbone stitches on the left side.  I had done this stitch before but it had been awhile so it was nice to have a reason to do it again.  My TAST owl is slowly nearing completion.  This week's stitch is the Turkman Stitch which is another new one for me.
 I am actually doing some cross stitch.  I love cross stitch patterns and love how it looks but it's not my favourite form of stitching.  I liked this small pattern by Lizzie Kate and thought it will be a nice birthday gift for my daughter.  I've already made 2 mistakes though which I am not going to fix :)
 Am so enjoying the felting process and stitching on it as well.  I named this piece I'm A Hoot :)
Once a week a couple friends at work meet at coffee break to either knit, stitch or needle felt.  I've been trying my hand at needle felted gnomies.  Someone named them Wynken, Blynken and Nod.
 and introducing Binkel - another needle felted gnome.
I didn't seed any squash in the garden this year but when this volunteer plant came up I just let it grow.  For not getting watered or anything it's done really well and there are 3 more squash on the other side.  Certainly glad now that I didn't hoe it under :D

Here's to Fall and a wonderful September.  Happy Stitching and creating everyone :)

Friday, July 15, 2016

Portuguese Border Stitch rows

 Stitch #45 of Sharon's TAST was the Portuguese Border Stitch.  I love the look of this stitch and enjoyed doing it as well.
 The dark blue little plant shapes were done with the Berry Stitch (TAST #46) & above them I worked some Chained Cross Stitches.  Not sure if I like the chained cross stitch very much but I'll use the berry stitch again I'm sure.
 Wasn't sure at first where I'd put TAST stitch #49 - Needlewoven Picots but eventually settled on the ears.  I love the look of this stitch. My tension is improving and getting more consistent the more I do.
 Still have the left ear to finish but it's filling up!
 I've always liked the feather stitch and these Knotted Feather stitches were quick to work up.
Taking a break from my TASTY Owl I'm stitching on a piece of resist dyed felt for the front and back covers of a book.  Will have a finished picture of it next time :)

Have a wonderful, creative and beautiful day & thank you for stopping by!

Friday, June 17, 2016

TAST Owl progress & book resist felting

 FINALLY filled in and finished my TAST owl wings.  It's been slow going but when Sharon on her Pintangle site posted the Buttonhole wheel cup stitch I thought it'd fill them in nicely. 
 The TAST Stitch #44 was the Crossed & Plaited Feather Stitch. I'd done Feather stitches before oodles of times but not straight feather or crossed feather.  I didn't do the Plaited Feather Stitch though.
 I'm a bit behind so the next stitch I'm working on is a few rows of Portuguese Border Stitch.
 I've continued to do a bit of felting and managed my first felted vessel with a book resist using pages.  Terri Berry posted a detailed tutorial on how to make one and I'll definitely try another.
 Another little felted vessel just using 1 round piece of plastic as a resist.
My poppies are blooming beautifully right now!  Wish they lasted for more than a few days though.

Have a lovely, beautiful and fine, fine day :)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Felting & the Eastern Stitch

I tried my hand at making a wet felted vessel using a resist.  It was too thin in spots so I needle felted an owl and added stitches to it as well. So that it would sit well I cut the bottom off of a plastic bottle and put it inside.  Looks MUCH better now than it did at first.
Here I laid out some roving and did a bit of needle felting as well.  Next step is to wet felt it and hope everything stays in place. 
This is the card I made for my mum for Mother's Day.  The free pattern is available from Happiness is Cross Stitching.
Cloud Filling Stitch was the Take A Stitch Tuesday (TAST) Week 38 stitch on Sharon's Pintangle site. The idea on what pattern to make with this stitch came from Annet's Fat-Quarter blog. I was very pleased on how nice this stitch looked and it wasn't too complicated either.
My TAST Owl slowly but surely filling in.
Another new stitch for me was this Eastern Stitch - the week 41 TAST stitch.  I'm going to do a few more and then I'll begin this week's TAST stitch which is the Fern Stitch.
Yesterday this beautiful Yellow-rumped Warbler flew down right by the window.  Thankfully it stayed still long enough for me to get this photo :D

Thank you for stopping by and wishing everyone a creative rest of the month.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

6 More Different Stitches

 Holy cow!  Has it really been almost a month since my last post?  I've added 6 more stitches to my Take A Stitch Tuesday Owl:  the Barb stitch, Long Chain (blue stars at the top), Fancy Bobbin Edging, Raised Cross Stitch Flowers ( I put these in the wings), Pekinese and I'm currently working on the Oyster stitches to finish off the owl breast and around the face too.  How to work all of these stitches can be found on Sharon Boggon's Pintangle website.  This has been such a great project to work on for the last 34 weeks.  Only 18 more stitches left to go.
 Close up of the rows of Pekinese stitches.
 I saw this cute crochet cell phone pattern on Ravelry ( Florence the Owl pattern by Irene Strange) and made one for each of my daughters.
 This is the one I'm making for myself.  Almost done - just have to attach the eyes.
I was in Arizona for a week and went for a number of great hikes in the desert. Hubby called this the stick-em up cactus.
 A wild javelina roaming the town plaza of Ajo.  I didn't get too close but it totally ignored me anyways.
Loved seeing the little lizards everyday!

Have a lovely, lovely day :D

Friday, February 26, 2016

Vandyke Stitched Beak

 Stitch #28 on Sharon's Take A Stitch Tuesday was the Vandyke stitch.  This was a completely new stitch for me and I'm very glad that my TAST owl finally has a beak!
 I cut some holes in this resist dyed felted piece for an exercise in what if and why not.  I buttonhole stitched around the holes and added running stitches and beads and cross stitches.  I then tacked down at the back different colours of organza to fill the holes. Hubby named it Flight Among the Planets.  I certainly enjoyed stitching on felt as it's wonderful and easy to work with.
Have a wonderful and fine, fine day everyone and thank you so much for dropping by,